Sculptures from Greece
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The "PEGASUS" company consistently with the cultural mission thet it was set to serve and with the wihged horse as its emblem - a symbol of power and speed - was established since 1980 in the Greek as well as in the international market.

Having been estimated to be the most important utin of recreation of classic prototypes - statues, artistic sytheses and decorative items - the company covers with its activities the whole spectrum of creation of ancient Greeks regarding the art of sculpture.

The Ancient Greeks established and transmitted to the whole universe today's civilization, throught the glorious monuments of spirit and art and through the statues that they left to mankind.

With respect to this very important inheritance and with the help of today's technology, we try to give the long-lasting Greek sculptures the opportunity to become wider known and accessible to the international buyers.

The quality of the raw material, the impeccable performance of our specialized craftsmen and our long experience in general, guarantee that our products are not affected by time and any weather conditions.

Subsequently, the reward of our long effort is its impression beyond the boundaries of the Greek market, on a universal scale among the thousands art-lovers, worshipers of the ancient Greek civilization.

The "PEGASUS" company is known today to all five Continets because of our exports.


Pegasus-Art Mocsow, Russia.